What is IVF Egg Retrieval?

Dr. Witten - Fertility Specialist St. CHarles MOIVF Egg Retrieval is the process of removing eggs from the ovaries to be used in the in-vitro fertilization process.  It takes place after a woman’s ovaries have been stimulated with the use of medications to create a Superovulation; where her body has produced multiple eggs in one cycle.

How is Egg Retrieval Performed?

Retrieval is an out-patient process that takes about 30 minutes under an IV sedation.  Dr. Witten will use an ultrasound-guided needle inserted into the ovary to retract one or more eggs and fluid for fertilization. This specimen will be taken to be the lab to continue the IVF process through fertilization and transfer.

Are There Any Risks With Egg Retrieval?

There are some risks associated with egg retrieval treatments, including side effects from the injection itself (bruising, swelling, tenderness or infection), allergic reaction, and excessive or insufficient response from the ovaries. Increased estrogen levels may cause fluid retention, weight gain, nausea, diarrhea, breast tenderness, moodiness, headache or fatigue. A rare but possible complication is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), in which estrogen levels rise sharply and the ovaries produce too many eggs, potentially causing excessive fluid retention, thrombosis and enlarged ovaries.

Dr. Witten and his staff work closely with each patient on their journey, answering each and every question that may arise.  We know the emotional toll this can take on all involved in this journey. Our staff is consistently compassionate and walk with you every step of the way providing the highest quality care and determination to help you.

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